Using Tungsten

How do I invite my friends?

The easiest way to invite friends to Tungste, is to share a download link via any other messaging services (e.g. email, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.). Anyone can also download Tungsten for free at

You can also invite people to Tungsten by sending an invitation from within your contacts list in Tungsten by tapping on the user where “Invite” appears in blue next to their name.


Who can see me ‘online’?

Your contacts can see if you are online.

Do you support emojis?

Yes, we support emojis! If words just aren't enough, switch to your emoji keyboard.   

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account tap on Settings in the side menu, then tap Global Wipe-out. Your account will be permanently removed from our servers, and all of your account data will be removed from your device or device running Tungsten.

What does it mean to disable a persona?

The purpose of disabling personas in Tungsten is to block notifications from certain personas and also to hide them from the personas list and quick switcher; disabled personas will only be listed in the persona management. Disabled personas also won’t be shown as online to other users if the device is used by other not disabled persona.

  • A persona can not be disabled if it is the only connected or last not disabled one on a device.
  • When disabling a persona which was currently selected we need to switch to next, not disabled persona from the list.
  • For disabled personas all incoming notifications are blocked, basically disabled personas should not connect when Tungsten is used by another not disabled persona.
  • The ‘disabled persona’ setting is local only and should not be synced between devices.

When enabling a persona again, especially an anonymous persona we need to reestablish Tor connection, therefore enabling might take some time. We need to indicate that (re)connection to the user using the same component we use for anonymous persona sign up and sign in.

Can I use Tungsten without a SIM card?

Yes, Tungsten doesn't require your phone number. In future releases you will be able to create public persona with an email address and password combination instead. You can also create privaste personas which only require a username and password.

Who can I message?

You can write to people who are in your phone address book and have Tungsten, or you can write people whose public usernames you know, just after sending them contact request.

Is there a way to see who in my address book is using the app?

When you sync your address book with Tungsten, your contacts who already use Tungsten will show up automatically (if they have chosen to provide phone number during signup).

Can I export my chat history or data from Tungsten?

Users can export and move all data from one device to the other by using Tungsten Sync.  In your settings, you'll find the option to 'Transfer Personas'. Selecting to transfer to another mobile device will generate a unique QR code, which you'll scan with the second device. Once that's done, you'll be able to access your chats from the selected persona on the second device.

How do I create a group?

On the side menu, tap Group, and then Create a New Group. Name the group, add at least two people and then tap Start.  

How many people can join a group?

Groups are limited to 20 people.

How do I add a contact?

To add a contact, navigate to the “Contacts” view from the side menu. At the top you will see you can “Add by Username” or “Add by QR code.”  

How do I block somebody on Tungsten?

When receiving Contact Request, just tap on the "Block" button. This user will be blocked until you send them a Contact Request.

How do I invite people to join Tungsten?

You can invite people who are already in your address book to join Tungsten by clicking “Invite” next to their name in the Contacts view.

How do I change my profile name?

Navigate to the side menu and tap on “Profile.” From there, click “Edit” in the top right corner to change your profile name.

Can I change my username?

Usernames are unique identifiers, and cannot be changed.

How do I change my notifications preferences?

Navigate to the side menu and tap “Notifications settings.” From there you can adjust your notification preferences.

Can people I don't know contact me on Tungsten?

If someone knows your username, they will be able to contact you in Tungsten after sending Contact Request.

What happens when my address book contacts are shared?

Your address book contacts are locally hashed, and then securely transferred to our servers for matching. We do not send unencrypted contact details to our servers. When you share your contacts with Tungstens we will be able to show you which of your contacts are using Tungsten. Your contacts who are using Tungsten will also be able to see you as a user. After matching is completed all your hashes are removed from our servers.

How do I transfer chats on my old phone to my new phone?

You can use Tungsten Sync, a device to device transfer feature.

I forgot my PIN/passphrase/lock code. What can I do now?

If you forgot your PIN or lock code, you won't be able to access the app or your chats. Since we don't store your private messages on our servers, nobody else, including us, will be able to access your data either.

I didn't receive my verification SMS! What can I do?

First, make sure you have correctly entered your phone number and retry. If the problem persists, please contact

Is there an age restriction for using Tungsten?


Will my contacts see my phone number?

If you've provided your phone number to Tungsten, your contacts will be able to see your phone number. If you have not specified a phone number, then no one will be able to see your phone number.

How do I update my phone number?

Currently it is not possible to change phone number yet.